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Molecular Microbiology Laboratory

We focused on to identify the functional microorganisms in microbial communities from unique regions and to reveal the bio-resource potential by solving the molecular reasons underlying the functionality of the catalytic molecules they produce and to bring them into practice. Hence, we are using the OMIC data which reveals the entire pictures of microbial habitats in detail. Besides, we are improving ourselves on the prediction and docking of functional proteins to apply them in practice.


We welcome highly motivated researchers, if you think our research interests will contribute your scientific improvement, please contact us!

Ph.D. students will be welcomed in near future. PostDoc positions and visiting researcher positions are provided all the time.

Magsud has joined us as a new MSc student. Congratulations and welcome Magsud!

Tuğçe Yağmur has joined us as a new MSc student. Congratulations and welcome Tuğçe Yağmur!

Principal investigator

Caner Vural

Asst. Prof. Caner Vural

Pamukkale University, Department of Biology

E-mail: canerv@pau.edu.tr

Phone: 90258 296 3891


Behiye Nur Aksoy

Behiye N.Aksoy

MSc Student

Magsud Nur Mahammadov

Magsud Nur Mahammadov

MSc Student

Tuğçe Yağmur Orhan

Tuğçe Yağmur Orhan

MSc Student

Adjunct people

N. Nur Bozbeyoglu

Dr. N. Nur Bozbeyoglu

Dogukan Mutlu

Dogukan Mutlu

Advisor: Prof. S. Arslan